• ModelStudent makes it easy for anyone to learn to build professional spreadsheet models using a simple, interactive approach.

    We are a New York based education technology company working to improve how students, professionals, and organizations do their best work.

    Our team provides practical, instructional content and dynamic user feedback to deliver effective spreadsheet modeling training, previously only available to large financial institutions and corporations.

    ModelStudent - Improving your work through learning, one cell at a time.

  • Pivot Problems

    Spreadsheets have become a necessary and unavoidable part of business life. Business modeling and data analysis are critical job skills for a growing majority of today’s global workforce.

    Building such models in business tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets can be challenging, if not impossible, for many business professionals tasked to do so.

  • Spreadsheet Training for Everyone

    Development of these skills takes time, and requires focused, hands-on training, reinforced by real-world practice, direct feedback, and experienced supervision.

    Until now, this learning process has been mostly limited to corporate finance professionals, who gain such skills through paid formal and on-the job training. Non-finance business professionals are often left to their own devices, struggling to acquire skills on their own, resulting in slowed productivity, mediocre work quality, and rising job frustration.

  • Build Great Spreadsheets

    ModelStudent changes this, by delivering practical, hands-on business modeling and data analysis training to anyone, using a simple, yet powerful online approach. Complex modeling tasks are simplified into short, easy to do modules, delivered through an interactive, web-based spreadsheet and integrated instructional content. Users can track their progress online, organized by courses completed, and earn recognition and rewards for skills obtained.

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